Mr. Moonlee gathers under his roof the finest bands from the former Yugoslavia region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia). Bands range from atmospheric instrumental post rock over shining screamo to high-endurance rock. Repetitor, Bernays Propaganda, Borghesia, Analena, Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident, Damir Avdić, In-Sane, Xaxaxa, Psycho-Path, Vuneny, Nikki Louder – these are just some of the names that Moonlee Records has released and promoted over the years.

The Moonlee Records team is comprised of people who have gained many experiences performing different roles in the world of music – playing in bands, booking bands, organizing shows & festivals, PR, etc. They have provided the know-how of a young band’s needs and the bigger picture about how things work out there. The feedback Mr. Moonlee receives from bands and audiences is the definite proof that Moonlee is on the right track.

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