CourseOverGround aka COG is a dynamic rock meets noise trio from Osijek, Croatia. Just think of the rawness and edge Shellac pull off and combine that with Slint's warmth. They formed back in 1997 with an original lineup of Mario Majkic, Bojan Papic and Larson Benjamin Dijkgraaf. Their first release was a demo titled Puppet Play, followed by second demo titled Beef Eater, which all lead to their album "CourseOverGround" (Moonlee Records, 2007). 

COG's last album shaked you up so hard you feel like you're on fire, not just because their bass player is a pyrotechnician, but also because their record is nothing less than a combination of killer beats, thick sounding bass and amazing guitar playing. In this case shouting combined with singing is just icing on a cake. They have a strong presence that's full of energy and you are sure to witness one of the greatest noise bands of our time.

Cog - Course Over Ground

Course Over Ground




Noise rock

Years active

1997 - 2008


  • Mario Majkić - vocals, guitar
  • Bojan Papić - bass
  • Antun Biloš - drums