Vlasta Popić, post-punk trio from Croatia, has been around the regional and European scene for quite some time, steadily building a reputation of a rather interesting and well-respected band among its growing fanbase. After critically acclaimed debut »Za očnjake« (2012), when they were often compared to Serbian alt-rockers Repetitor, Vlasta Popić played over 200 shows all over Europe.

Vlasta Popić’s second full length »Kvadrat« (Moonlee Records, 2015) brings more of their beloved signature indie-punk-noise-nowave-pop expression, but this time with a darker, more sinister edge to it. The record sounds more ambitious, thought-out and coherent compared to the earlier release, and it does so by utilizing much dirtier, distorted and noisier playing and production. The combined female/male singalongs and shouts add true energy to occasionally melodic, oftentimes jangly atmosphere created by the underlying instrumental psychedelia. The lyrics, sung in band's native Croatian, sporadically bring a few engaged messages, while the predominating discourse deals with moderately personal matters, at times subtly packed within abstract poetical constructions.

As far as similarities and influences go, Vlasta Popić can be may be related to quite a few artists such as Repetitor, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Šarlo Akrobata, Nikki Louder, or even a bit of Bernays Propaganda and Karate. All in all, the new Vlasta Popić release offers a nice mixture of genres that should satisfy a lot of broad and demanding musical tastes.

Vlasta Popić - Kvadrat





Post-punk, noise-rock, indie-rock, alternative

Years active

2007 - 2015


  • Tena Rak - drums, vocals
  • Ivan Scapec - guitar, vocals
  • Dimitrij Petrović - bass