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Hesus Attor have a new member on board - a second guitarist! The new guy, called Gorgonzol Matadores, has shown that he's capable of cracking the Code of Hesus and thereby became a new member of the band. These days will also be marked by the release of breakcore remixes of their two songs from the "Sonic gastronomy vol.1", released in 2008. on Moonlee Records. The songs are "Cahracack" and "Guatemala dreaming", remixed by a breakcore maniac that goes by the name of Disbreakz. The title of the remix is "Chaotic, Dadaist & Dissonant Mathbreak Raving", and that's exactly how it sounds. Breakcore, man! Disbreakz has combined both songs into an unbelieveable mashup that goes on for 2.45 minutes. The remix will be officially released as a free download in January on the Various Artist: Distorted Mind international breakcore compilation by the 10-year strong hardcore/breakcore label D-Trash Records. You can listen to it on the Hesus Attor and Disbreakz myspace pages. And since we've mentioned "Sonic Gastronomy vol. 1", you can listen to it in its entirety on Moonlee's Virb profile page. We still have some CDs, so get your copy. Today! Oh, and another thing absolutely worth mentioning is that the guys are spending time @ da studio and recording songs for their upcoming EP, entitled "Senorai". It should be out by spring 2010. (download format only) on Geenger Records, a new label featuring members of the Moonlee clan. More information will follow. |

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