New In-Sane tour!

Even though they've just returned from a successful more-than-a-month-long European tour, In-Sane are already working on a new one. This tour will be a bit shorter, taking them to Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, and they'll be touring together with Atlas Losing Grip, comprised of ex-Satanic Surfers members. Nice, huh? As you can see, In-Sane are obviously insane (pun intended) with all this touring, but isn't that what punk rock is all about? Oh yeah, they'll be promoting their new album, Trust These Hands... Are Worthless., and you can buy it from them or from the good people of Moonlee. The tour dates are below. You know the drill. 23.03.2010 @ CENTRO GIOVANI, LODI (I) 24.03.2010 @ O’BUNDIES, MARSEILLE (F) 25.03.2010 @ WARM AUDIO, LYON (F) 26.03.2010 @ LES ARCADES, BESANCON (F) 27.03.2010 @ TIKI’S, GENEVA (CH) 28.03.2010 @ URBANKELLER, SALZBURG (A) 29.03.2010 @ SUB, GRAZ (A) 30.03.2010 @ ENTRO P’S, PAYERBACH (I) 31.03.2010 @ CHANNEL ZERO, LJUBLJANA (SLO) 01.04.2010 @ UNITED CLUB, TORINO (I) 02.04.2010 @ CA DE MANDORLI, BOLOGNA (I) 03.04.2010 @ LATE, BRESCIA (I) |

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