Analena giveaway!

The troubles of Analena fans have finally come to an end! No need to search for various blogs and rapi-media-mega links anymore - the band has decided to make their entire discography available for you kids to download. And not only that you can download the stuff, you can even choose the format, be it FLAC or mp3. Besides, sitting there next to the releases are a detailed info, covers, lyrics and even streaming. All in one, just like at a supermarket!

"Do I have to pay for this?", you may ask. Well, the answer is "Nah". I mean, it's up to you. You can either download it for free, or you can pay us some money for the download. You know what they say, to download is to explore, to buy is to support. But yeah, we'd appreciate your money, we've got a whole Scene to support! And some families also. Anyway, head on over to Bandcamp to pick up the goods. And while you're out there, feel free to buy the new and still scorching hot Analena album that they call Inconstantinopolis. But wait, that's not all! On the first day of Spring (i.e. 21st March), Analena will be playing a show at the Močvara club in Zagreb, along with Auxes, a band featuring the legendary Dave Laney of Milemarker fame, and Storms, a new post-rock outfit formed by members of the late Don't Mess With Texas. It's the Storms' first show ever and the last Analena show until Summer, so don't miss it. You've been warned. | | buy  LP via PayPal 15 EUR postpaid buy  CD via PayPal 12 EUR postpaid

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