Radio 101 loves Moonlee and vice versa!

In case you like Bernays Propaganda and/or Damir Avdić, you might wanna listen to Radio 101 this weekend. "Why?", you may ask. Well, one of the songs from the new Bernays Propaganda album will be this Friday's Powerplay song on Radio 101, which means that it'll be played many times through the day. Afterwards, the song will be a new entry at the Top 40 Countdown show, which is aired on Saturdays at 2 P.M. Also on Radio 101, of course. However, we still don't know which song they will choose, so don't ask. And in Damir Avdić's case, Bratstvo i jedinstvo, a song from his upcoming album Zivot je raj, will get its radio debut this Saturday on Radio 101's show named Cener. Due to the song's really offensive and not-heard-often lyrical content, we doubt that it will get much airplay, so this will be your chance to be one of the first (and maybe last) people to hear it on the radio and witness history. Anyway, set your radio dial to 101 MHz this weekend or listen to the shows on the internetz.

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