Bernays Propaganda new album, preorder, tour!

Looking forward to My Personal Holiday, the new Bernays Propaganda album? Well, from this day on you can listen to it in its entirety on our Bandcamp profile page. Bandcamp is also the place where you can download the second single from the album, entitled Ovoj den da pomine, even though that option is well-hidden behind the pop up window that asks for your money, but just enter 0 and download away. And now, the real thing - the album will officially be out on May 17th, on both CD and vinyl. In case you feel the urge to be the first in town to own it, send an email to and tell him that you'd like to see your name on the people-who-are-preordering list. As usual, a lot of touring will ensue after the album's release, which means you'll be able to catch these folks at shows across Europe in May and June. Check their MySpace page for dates and stuff. And seriously, go see them if you get a chance, they sure won't disappoint. 15 EUR postpaid 12 EUR postpaid

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