Damir Avdić’s new album out tomorrow!

Heard of Damir Avdić? Yeah, we thought so. Anyway, from this day on, you can listen to his new album, Život je raj in its entirety on Bandcamp... which is also the place where you can download the second single off the album, Umreži se. The album will be physically released on May 5th, and you can order it through... that's right, Bandcamp! If you're too oldschool for that, you can still order it by sending a good old-fashioned e-mail to mirkich@moonleerecords.com. There will also be an album release gig at Galerija SKUC in Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 4th, which is today! The show begins at 8.30 PM, so don't be late, kids. Since Damir Avdić is becoming more and more popular around these here parts, it would be wise if you'd reserve your ticket, which is something that you can do by sending an e-mail to mirkich@moonleerecords.com. The ticket price is 12 EUR, which may seem a lot, but you'll also get a copy of Život je raj along with your ticket. We know you want it. Well, that's it, see you at the show. 12EUR postpaid

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