Moonlee on Bandcamp!

We've made many announcements about the soon-to-be-opened Moonlee e-store, but there's still no sign of it. Well, this is because setting up a a proper e-store is a task of epic proportions, and we really want to do it right! I mean, there's tons of vinyl, CDs, shirts, pins and various other crap that we have to add to our e-store. It takes time, you know. In the meantime, we've decided to create a Moonlee profile page on Bandcamp because it's: a) less work b) cool! And everybody's doing it. Anyway, the Bandcamp page contains all of the Moonlee releases which can be streamed or downloaded, covers, lyrics, technical details and so on. Some of our bands' releases can even be downloaded for free - but there's also the option of paying as much as you're willing to, so you can support the Scene and retain peace of mind by knowing that you did the right thing. That's it for now, enjoy Bandcamp and we'll go back to working on a real e-store. Spread the word! Or something.

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