Bernays Propaganda on tour!

To whom it may concern: Macedonian road warriors Bernays Propaganda will spend the next few weeks touring Europe. This is basically a promotional tour for their recent album, "My Personal Holiday", which was released on Moonlee Records back in May. Everything regarding Bernays Propaganda is well-known, and constantly writing about how much they rule (and they do!) is getting really tiring, so just go check them out if they pass through your town, OK? It'll be great, we promise! 16.09.2010 @ TEATAR, OSIJEK (HR) 17.09.2010 @ MKNŽ, ILIRSKA BISTRICA (SI) 18.09.2010 @ ANARCHIST BLACK CROSS FESTIVAL, PRAGUE (CZ) 24.09.2010 @ ZORO FESTIVAL, LEIPZIG (DE) 26.09.2010 @ GLOCKENBACHWERKSTAT, MUNICH (DE) 28.09.2010 @ JUZ, MANNHEIM (DE) 29.09.2010 @ AUTHONOMES CENTRUM, KOLN (DE) 30.09.2010 @ AZ, MULHEUM (DE) 01.10.2010 @ HAFENKLANG, HAMBURG (DE) 02.10.2010 @ KOMA F, BERLIN (DE) 03.10.2010 @ AJZ, BIELEFELD (DE) 05.10.2010 @ RADIO ŠTUDENT, LJUBLJANA (SI) 06.10.2010 @ GUSTAF(PEKARNA), MARIBOR (SI) 07.10.2010 @ KINO ŠIŠKA, LJUBLJANA (SI) 08.10.2010 @ KSET, ZAGREB (HR) 09.10.2010 @ KC GRAD, BEOGRAD (RS) 10.10.2010 @ FEEDBACK, NIŠ (RS)

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