Hitch split up

After 15 years of rocking out, looks like Hitch have decided to call it quits. Here's what they had to say: Friends, It tooks us a while to figure some things out - sorry about that - but I think we're there... We decided to call it quits but we wanna thank you, our friends and families, our labels, etc .... and everyone who helped us out and appreciated our music during all these years , by playing one FINAL and LAST show. I guess that's the least we can do ... It has been an amazing ride. This band has been a part of who we are. It's not just something we abandon. we will treasure this band for the rest of our lives. This band took us to places we thought we'd never go, through this band we have made friends for life all over the globe. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. But we don't necessarely think of this as a negative thing. We are gratefull for this experience and we felt we took everything out of it we could...Undoubtably there will be other stuff going on sooner or later ...so, keep your eyes and ears open for new musical projects of all members of HITCH. We can stop this band, but hell...we can not stop playing music. thank you. The aforementioned final show will take place in Kortrijk, Belgium on 18th December, so you lucky Western Europeans can go see them playin' live for the very last time. Oh, and since band breakups are often good for cashing in on record sales, we ought to remind you that we still have some copies of their album, "We Are Electric!", for sale. The album was released by Moonlee Records - that's us! If you want to, check out the appropriate section of our website and acquire your copy today. Or any day you like. Peace. HITCH RIP 1995-2010 www.myspace.com/hitchrocks

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