Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy!

Hello, foreign friends! You might find the following information uninteresting, but news in English about everything we at Moonlee Records do are still mandatory. Anyway, we're starting a new tradition of offering you bundles of great stuff dirt cheap, so this is what we're selling this month: The Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy! OK, it's not really a bag. In fact, it's a couple of CDs and a book by this guy Damir Avdić, who is pretty big over here in the Balkans. Since the music is just him and his guitar, you might want to call him a singer-songwritter, but believe me, he's pissed off far more than any other singer-songwriter you've heard. Anyway, if you're into exotic stuff, consider acquiring the Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy, which contains the following items: "Život je raj" CD "Mrtvi su mrtvi" CD "Enter Dzehenem" book The price, including postage, is 25 EUR worldwide. Buy it via PayPal! www.myspace.com/damiravdicc

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