"Život je raj" is the album of the year!

Here's some local news - looks like Damir Avdić's "Život je raj" is the album of the year, according to VIP Music. Massive kudos to Damir, he totally deserves it. Also, the album was released by Moonlee Records, which we are really proud of. Kudos to us, too! Anyway, check the VIP Music website for info on the album and an interview with Damir. It's in Croatian, but if you're really interested in what Damir had to say, Google Translate is always at hand. And speaking of VIP Music, its editor, Anđelo Jurkas, has just published "Bez Rocka Trajanja", a book about, you've guessed it, the rawk scene of the Balkans. The book comes with a CD and a graphic music map, so if you feel like learning Croatian, this book might help you. Oh, the CD also contains a Damir Avdić song. Just sayin'.

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