New Moonlee band - Storms

We have heard rumors that not much happened at the Moonlee camp in 2010, since we released only new Bernays Propaganda and Damir Avdić albums, but then again, both albums were pretty great and received much critical acclaim. We're going to continue this winning streak in 2011 by releasing Storms' debut album. In case you were wondering who these Storms are... well, you've seen those guys before, but in another band. That's right, Storms are actually three members of the late great Don't Mess With Texas! Unsurprisingly, the new band sounds similar to Don't Mess With Texas, but rocks much more and there's no piano this time. Who needs pianos anyway? The album will be out on Moonlee sometime during Spring 2011 and available on vinyl or as a digital download. Who needs CDs anyway? They will also tour Europe after the album's been released, so watch out for the Storms!

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