Post-rock megapack!

Hey kids, we've got a new special offer for you! Rembember the Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy? The bundle of CDs and a book we were selling for not much money? Well, this time we're offering something similar - two CDs by Don't Mess With Texas and one CD by Radio Free Isaac. Here's what you get: 1X Don't Mess With Texas - S/t CD 1X Don't Mess With Texas - Los Dias de Junio CD 1X Radio Free Isaac - Broken Hearts and Other Mortal Wounds CD In case you were wondering who these bands are, here's some quick info: Don't Mess With Texas were a mighty fine Croatian post-rock band which is now broken up, but three members went on to form the Storms, a band which will yet be heard of, especially after Moonlee Records releases their first album in April 2011. Don't Mess With Texas were actually formed from the ashes of Radio Free Isaac, another great band whose members were also in Nikad, Chang Ffos and Lunar. Everything makes sense now, eh? Anyway, you can get this at a next-to-nothing price of 10 EUR (postage included), so order away via PayPal!

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