Nikki Louder tourin' the UK

Looks like Nikki Louder are gonna hit the road in April. Here's what they had to say: "We are going to play some shows through the UK with the amazing blues-punk progs Shield Your Eyes, who made everything possible. 5 days in a right steering van, ale/lager nights and some rock'n'roll! Continental Europe dates were planned as well, but it seems Western Europe is a hefty mess to book." If everything works out, they'll also have their new album and Moonlee Record debut for sale, so you know what to do. *wink* Anyways, the dates are below and check Nikki Louder out if you get the chance, will you? 06.04.2011 @ THE UNICORN, LONDON (UK) 07.04.2011 @ MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY, MANCHESTER (UK) 08.04.2011 @ BAR UP, HALIFAX (UK) 09.04.2011 @ SANTIAGOS, LEEDS (UK) 10.04.2011 @ DON'T DROP THE DUMBELLS, LIVERPOOL (UK)

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