Moonlee contest #1

Hey everyone, we've got something for you - a series of contests where you can win some fine Moonlee releases! The plan is to have a different prize every month, but we'll see if it works out, heheh. So, the contest...

This month's million dollar question is: What's the name of the new band that features members of Bernays Propaganda? If you need a hint, just remember that their debut album is one of the upcoming Moonlee releases. Easy, huh?

Send your answer (together with your name) to by noon, 15th April. The lucky winner gets Bernays Propaganda's latest album, "My Personal Holiday", on CD. We'll send it by mail, cool?

Anyway, now that you know everything, start shooting those answers at us. Good luck!

Oh, and participating in this contest will get you added to the Moonlee Records mailing list, but you can unsubscribe at any time. Hope you don't mind.

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