XAXAXA - Album preview pt. 2 and preorders

XAXAXA's debut album, "Tango Revolucioner" is bound to hit the streets on 20th April! But hey, you already know that. In the meantime, download another song off the album - it's called "Vrati go toj proklet dan", and you can download it in mp3 format. Also, you can stream the entire album on Bandcamp. Now, about those preorders... You can preorder in two ways: either via PayPal (if you're from abroad, 15 EUR postpaid), or by sending an e-mail to mirkich@moonleerecords.com if you're from the Balkans. The postage is cheaper, that's why. Oh, and the album is currently available only on vinyl, but hopefully this will change in the future. That's all, folks. 15 EUR postpaid

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