Nikki Louder - Free MP3 #1 and preorder

Hey! We just wanted to let you know that Nikki Louder's new album, "Our World Died Yesterday", will be out on 3rd May! These Slovene noise rock heroes' album is a collaboration of three labels: Založba Radio Študent, Cheap Tunes Records and yours truly - Moonlee Records. It will be released as a CD/vinyl combo, which means that you get both. Cool, huh? All in all, the album pretty much rules, so take note, all you noise rockers out there! In the meantime, head on over to Moonlee Bandcamp and hear one song off the album, "Attacked". Also, you download song in mp3 format. What else... ah, preorders! Preorder via PayPal or by sending an e-mail to The price is 10 EUR + shipping. There, any other questions?

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