Bilk and Diyala Upgraded...

Rembember Bilk? Well, as that old Thin Lizzy song says, the boys are back in town! Not only that Bilk are an active band again, but two members of Bilk have also teamed up with Diyala, the.. uh, the Queen of the Balkan alternative underground, and formed a new band! The name of this band is Diyala Upgraded and they sure sound good. Well, at least if you like drum & bass or breakbeat. Here, check this Youtube video for reference. Bilk and Diyala Upgraded will play some regional shows together, but who knows, maybe they'll do some touring abroad in the future... Anyway, the dates and places are listed below, so drop by. 21.04. @ Mochvara Zagreb 22.04. @ Gala Hala Ljubljana 23.04. @ Club MC Celje 28.04. @ Klub DF Banja Luka 29.04. @ Balkan caffe, Sarajevo 30.04. @ Stereo Dvorana Rijeka 14.05. @ MMC kugla, Koprivnica 20.05. @ Akademija Beograd 21.05. @ Route 66 Novi Sad Oh yeah, if you miss the music of Bilk, head on over to Moonlee Bandcamp, 'cause that's the place where you can listen to their album, "This Bilk Is Radioactive". You can even download it for free (or a donation, your choice), and if you're a real fan, feel free to buy a physical copy of the album.

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