XAXAXA - Tango Revolucioner LP/CD is out!

Believe it or not, but XAXAXA's debut album,"Tango Revolucioner", is finally out! In case the name doesn't ring a bell, XAXAXA is three members of Bernays Propaganda playing Rites of Spring, Hüsker Dü and Wipers-influenced punk rock tunes. Sounds good? Well, it actually IS good... no, great! Anyways, if you'd like to hear the album, head on over to Moonlee Bandcamp - that's where you can listen to it and even buy it in various digital formats. Wheee! In case you're old school and prefer physical copies of albums, no problem, "Tango Revolucioner" is also available on CD and vinyl. Buy a CD via PayPal (10 EUR postpaid) or buy an LP via PayPal (15 EUR postpaid). If you happen to live in the Balkans, just send an e-mail with your order to mirkich@moonleerecords.com. By the way, this release was a joint operation: the vinyl version was produced by Moonlee Records (SI/HR), Prügelprinz Records (D), Thrashbastard Records (D), Gaphals (S), Napravi Zaedno (MK), Doomtown Records (CRO) and DHP AK47 (HR). The CD version was done by just Moonlee Records and Napravi Zaedno. There. Oh, and expect a huge XAXAXA European tour very soon, so stay tuned 'cause more info will follow... 15 EUR postpaid 10 EUR postpaid

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