Nikki Louder's "Our World Died Yesterday" CD+LP is out!

Yeah, you've guessed it - the album is out! What can one say about this Slovene noise rock combo and their second album, "Our World Died Yesterday"? Well, they both rule. If you need hard evidence for that claim, head on over to Bandcamp and take a listen to the album. Yeah, you can "stream it" there, and even buy a digital download if you feel like it, but you surely already knew that. If you prefer your evidence even harder, buy a physical copy via PayPal (15 EUR postpaid). The vinyl and CD are packed together, which means you get both for the price of one, like on TV. If you're from the Balkans and would like to order, drop a line to The postage is cheaper here. Also, the album was a joint effort of Moonlee Records, Cheap Tunes Records and Založba Radio Študent. Just so you know. Peace. Nikki Louder @ Tumblr | Nikki Louder @ Facebook 15 EUR postpaid

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