Storms debut LP is out!

This day, 12th September 2011, will be remembered as the day the Storms' debut LP, "We Are Storms", finally saw the light of day. Yeah, that means the album's officially out! Hooray! In case you're still clueless, Storms are a band formed by ex-members of Don't Mess With Texas. You know, they play post really awesome and energetic post rock. Like Mogwai or something. They rule. So, the album was released as a vinyl LP, as nobody needs CDs anymore. Besides, you can't misplace an LP that easily. You can acquire your copy through PayPal, and if you're a 21st century boy/girl, you can buy a digital download on Bandcamp. So, check it out and buy buy buy! By the way, the Menza pri Koritu club in Ljubljana will host the Storms' album release promo show on 15th September, so be there! We'll be selling copies of "We Are Storms" for dirt cheap, and it's possible that we'll also be giving away some leftover Don't Mess With Texas CDs, but you'll have to find out for yourself. See ya!

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