Nikki Louder on short trip to Czech Rep. and back

Finest slovenian noisers Nikki Louder will hit the road again and made a short tour through Austria and Czech Republic. See the dates below. In case they play in your area make sure you don't miss their show. We bet you won't regret it. Small reminder. Moonlee Records released Nikki Louder's latest album "Our World Died Yesterday" few months ago, which you can listen and download through Bandcamp. Give it a try. And if you by any chance feel the need for more then digital files, you know what to do. Put beers on cold, prepare the earplugs and get ready for good dose of intensity, emotions and noise! 24.09.2011 @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana (SI) 25.09.2011 @ Sub, Graz (AT) 26.09.2011 @ 007 Club, Prague (CZ) 27.09.2011 @ Outside space of DK Slavie, Budweis (CZ) 28.09.2011 @ Africa pub, Bruntal (CZ) 29.09.2011 @ Boro club, Brno (CZ)

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