In-Sane touring the USA

That's right, after years of touring Europe, Slovenian punks that go by the name of In-Sane are taking it to the next level and touring the USA! We're really proud of our boys, as In-Sane are one the two Moonlee bands (the first one being Hitch) that managed to arrange a tour of the Land of the Free. Anyhoo, this is a decent-sized tour of (mostly) the East coast and they'll be touring with His Day Has Come. One gig especially worth mentioning is the one at The Fest 10, which is obviously one of the best festivals ever, so fuck yeah! In short, if you're someone who loves melodic hardcore and happens to be in the USA at the time of this tour, In-Sane are a band you should definitely check out. Hear them on Bandcamp and go see them live afterwards. The dates are below! 23.10.2012 @ Fire Island, Haddon township, New Jersey, USA 25.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 26.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, Orlando, Florida, USA 27.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, St Augustine, Florida, USA 28.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA 29.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA 30.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA 31.10.2012 @ Long Branch Saloon, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA 1.11.2012 @ The Hungry Huas, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 2.11.2012 @ No Fun House, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA 3.11.2012 @ Carabar, Columbus, Ohio, USA 4.11.2012 @ Rock Room, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 5.11.2012 @ 15 Shady Ave, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA 6.11.2012 @ The Cracker Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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