Igraj Slobodno! is up for free download

Looks like we've got the first ever download-only Moonlee Release at our hands! Yay! Of course, we're talking about the Igraj Slobodno! EP, co-released by Moonlee Records and Napravi Zaedno. The Igraj Slobodno! EP is a collection of Bernays Propaganda song remixes and covers, done by the likes of Mark Heaney (Gang of Four), Zea (the singer of The EX), Bei the Fish ft. Ida Lollobrigida, Sethstat, Anomalia Nativa, Fresh (ex-Suns, Bernays Propaganda), Duke B. and Mindless Violence. Genre-wise, this is a pretty diverse compilation which shows Bernays Propaganda's work in a totally new perspective, and a great one! Also, the download of Igraj Slobodno! is free of charge, believe it not. OK, we'll cut the chit-chat now and let the music do the talking - download the compilation on Bandcamp and play freely! free download @ bandcamp

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