Tresk #3

Unless something more important happens, 8th and 9th March 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia will forever be marked by Tresk #3, a clash of music and music publishing. Since "a clash of music and publishing" is a somewhat vague term, here's what will actually be going on at Tresk #3: promotions of new releases by Slovene record labels, all sorts of workshops and round tables on the current state of music publishing in Slovenia and last but not least, live music in the evenings. All this is organized by Radio Student and will take place at Kino Siska. Speaking of live music, 9th March at Tresk #3 will feature the performances of two Moonlee bands - Repetitor and Nikki Louder! Nikki Louder will be promoting their new tape (!) release, which will be out on their very own label, Rnka Rnka. Repetitor, on the other hand, won't be promoting their new release because it's not finished yet (for those who forgot, it will be out on Moonlee Records), but they're bringing some new t-shirts with them, so don't miss out. Other Moonlee-related things at Tresk are probably the fact the the Moonlee distro crew will be there and you'll be able to acquire some stuff that would normally have to be bought from either our webstore... or elsewhere. Expect special offers, discounts and the like. Consumerism and stuff... Also, Mr. Moonlee's most loyal henchman, Mirkich, will sit at one of the round tables and participate in the discussions PLUS there are rumors that Mr. Moonlee himself might show up, who knows... All in all, Tresk #3 sounds like loads of fun, so be there!

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