A new member of the Moonlee family - Cripple and Casino

The Moonlee Records family has expanded by a new member - Cripple and Casino. You're surely wondering who Cripple and Casino are, so here's a bit of info: A girl and three guys from Zagreb, Croatia. Started out in 2007., played numerous shows since then and released a self-titled debut album on Radio Is Down in 2009. Influenced by bands such as Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth or Jawbox, but sounding unlike any of those, as they've created a very fresh and energetic sound of their own. Cripple and Casino are currently working on a new album, and judging by their live shows, the album's gonna be RAD! It will be out in Autumn 2012, co-released by Moonlee Records and Radio Is Down. More info will follow, and until then, stay tuned.

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