Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident's New Album is Out!

The day has come - the long awaited "Bruto Slavo/VBK" by Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident is finally out! Lots has been said already, so we'll keep it short. No surprises here - Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident's new album brings 15 catchy, hook-filled and heartfelt melodic hardcore punk hymns, something they've been playing for ages and still doing right. Anyway, "Bruto Slavo/VBK" is available on CD and vinyl, which you can order via Moonlee Trade Center, but bear in mind that the LPs will be shipped cca. 15th May as there's been a fuck-up at the pressing plant. Oh well, nobody's perfect. The album's also available as a free download at Bandcamp, but there's also a "name-your-price" option, so you can decide on your own if you want to support the band and the label. It will be greatly appreciated. Radical times, radical solutions. So yeah, that's it. Stay punk... oh, and they've made videos for two songs off the album, so check them out on You-Tube. OK, there's still more - it's confirmed that Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident will also play this year's Punk Rock Holiday alongside punk rock greats such as Good Riddance, Sick of it All, 7 Seconds, The Toy Dolls and others. Cool. Download @ Bandcamp

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