Summer holidays vs. punkroutine 2012

Summer pretty much sucks. It's scorching hot and there's no one to hang out with as everyone goes travelling or whatever. Still, there are two things that keep Summer from sucking completely and those are: a) school's out and b) music festivals! Some of these fests will actually feature a number of bands endorsed by Mr. Moonlee, and some of his lil' helpers will also be there. So, without further ado, here's what will be going on this Summer: Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident, who just released new album, will have the busiest schedule and will play the following fests: Sick As We Are (SAWA) festival in Županja (HR), Dirty Old Fest in Požega (HR), Rocklive in Koprivnica (HR), Treca Smjena in Šibenik (HR), Breka in Slovenska Bistrica (SLo) and finally, Punk Rock Holiday in Tolmin (SLO). Man, that's some list. Onto other artists now... In-Sane will also play Punk Rock Holiday, as well as the Pandamonium fest in Koper (SLO). The second part of Pandamonium will feature Nikki Louder! Damir Avdić will be spreading the Word at Hartera in Rijeka (HR), whereas Bernays Propaganda and Xaxaxa will be playing at Open Air fest in Kraljevo, Serbia - the dates are 20th and 21st July. There's more, but we don't want this thing overflowing with information, so just check the "upcoming events" parts of our website, ok? By the way, as mentioned earlier, Mr. Moonlee's minions will also attend some fests, so if you happen to come to Punk Rock Holiday, Monte Paradiso in Pula, Fluff Fest in Czech and probably some others, stop by our distro, flip through the records, have a chat with us and offer us some beer (or vise verca). Let's have fun. Until then, take care.

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