Meet the team: Mirkich

"Meet the team" is a new section on our website and it's here for one simple reason - to prove you that there's no robots behind Moonlee Records. We're going to introduce you with our team members by asking them few simple and interesting questions that you can read below. This is first part of "Meet the team" and of course, it's reserved for one of Moonlee Records founder - the one and only Mirkich. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? I'm one of the founders of Moonlee Records (back in 2004) and the main engine behind everything around Moonlee world. Brains, muscles and everything else. And my question to answer your second question is - Is there anything that I don't do at Moonlee? :) Your favourite Moonlee release's. I heard every mother should love all its children the same. Therefore it's hard/impossible to pick the favourite one. But still, if I need to I would pick Analena - Carbon Based, simply because you cannot forget the first one, even more if it is from your own band. Huh, those were times..... :D Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Fluff Fest in Czech Rep (too many bands to mention), Pandamonium Fest in Koper (Nikki Louder, Graf Orlock, Deer In The Headlights, It’s Everyone Else), Incurabili and Inner Terrestrial in Ljubljana.... Funny mix. :) Vinyl, CD or mp3? Funny question. Vinyl, of course. But mp3 can be handy as well. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. To earn for a living I work in a small company, mostly preparing strategic environmental assessment studies for various spatial plans. Sounds weird I know. Playing guitar in Analena. Music. Cooking. Music. Chess. Laughting at my own jokes. Being always in action. Not sleeping enough. Music. Make a mixtape based on your current favourites. Mixtape? What's that?! Ah, you mean compilations to charm girls. Being happily married for years I guess I will skip this.... :) Ok ok, got it. It's not a secret - Envy is my favourite, so you can just shuffle their discography.... Ok ok, maybe, just maybe, I will try to prepare the fixtape one day. As a surprise.

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