New Xaxaxa album hits the streets

So, today is the day – „Siromašni i Bogati“, Xaxaxa's new album, is officially out! The album does not disappoint the least – on the contrary, it's an excellent followup to their first LP, „Tango Revolucioner“. The Rites of Spring/ Hüsker Dü/ Dag Nasty influences are still here, and yet again they're backed with lyrics about social injustice, imposed social norms and carelessness of those in power. The overall sound is actually somewhat more progressive when compared to the first LP and the approach is slightly different, yet Xaxaxa still stick to their guns and deliver sincere and powerful punkrock tunes. But hey, since the album is available for streaming and free download on Bandcamp, forget what we're saying, give the album a listen and find out for yourself. For those of you who like owning physical copies of albums, „Siromašni i Bogati“ is available on CD and vinyl, both of which can be bought at the good ol' Moonlee Trade Center, i.e. our webstore. The last but not least piece of info regarding the new LP, it was released as a joint effort of a number of different independent labels – so, except for Moonlee Records, labels that take responsibility for „Siromašni i Bogati“ are Napravi Zaedno (MK, the band's own label), Prügelprinz Records (DE), DHP AK47 (HR) and Gaphals (SE). As mentioned in earlier installments of Moonlee Records news, Xaxaxa will embark on a European tour to promote the album, and they'll be sharing the van with their friends and fellow countrymen known as SIZ. The dates are below and you know the drill. 08.09.2012 @ Klub Fest, Beograd (RS) 09.09.2012 @ Klub Attack, Zagreb (HR) 11.09.2012 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana (SI) 12.09.2012 @ MC Pekarna, Maribor (SI) 13.09.2012 @ Sub, Graz (AT) 14.09.2012 @ tba, Vienna (AT) 15.09.2012 @ Boogie Bar, Trenčin (SK) 16.09.2012 @ Boro club, Brno (CZ) 18.09.2012 @ Cafe na Pul Cesty, Prague (CZ) 19.09.2012 @ Szabad As A, Budapest (HU) 20.09.2012 @ Hafenklang, Hamburg (DE) 21.09.2012 @ AZ Conni, Dresden (DE) 22.09.2012 @ Zoro festival, Leipzig (DE) 23.09.2012 @ Koma F, Berlin (DE) 25.09.2012 @ Black Fleck, Potsdam (DE) 27.09.2012 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich (DE) 28.09.2012 @ Desert, Lausane (CH) 29.09.2012 @ tba (CH) 30.09.2012 @ tba (CH) 02.10.2012 @ L’Aquil, Casematte (IT) 03.10.2012 @ tba, Rietti (IT) 04.10.2012 @ MKC, Koper (SI) 05.10.2012 @ Channel Zero, Ljubljana (SI) 06.10.2012 @ CK13, Novi Sad (RS)

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