Moonlee Records' future plans

The end of the world is near and Moonlee Records still shows no signs of stopping! Actually, we've even got plans for the future. So, what will the future bring to the Moonlee camp? Well... stuff. In record releasing-related future, we've got new LPs by Repetitor and Cripple and Casino. Long awaited Repetitor's second album, entitled «Dobrodošli na okean», is currently in mastering process and it should be out in early December – just in time to make everyone's yearly top lists. It will be a blast, we promise. The latest addition to the Moonlee roster, Cripple and Casino, have also recently finished recording their new album, «With High Regards», which will hopefully be out in January 2013. If the world doesn't end by then, of course. More info on both releases soon, and just so you know, other releases are being planned for Winter/Spring 2013, but that's enough info for now. Stay tuned. In late Autumn we will also deliver some Moonlee Records festivals, spread out through the region. The first one, Go Moonlee! Fest, will take place at Mostovna in Nova Gorica, Slovenija on 16th November. A day later, on 17th November, similar fest entitled Moonlee ide na more will take place at Klub Place in Rijeka, Croatia. Oh, the lineups? Well, we always try to present bands that recently released new albums on Moonlee, which means we will see Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident, Xaxaxa, In-Sane, Nikki Louder and newcomers Cripple And Casino on stage. As we always say, always have and always will, more info soon. And finally, some of you may ask about the cult Moonleejada fest in Ljubljana. Don't worry, it's still around – expect it sometime in Spring 2013 and brace yourself for some new releases. All in all, if we all make it through, 2013 is going to rule. Until then, take care.

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