Moonlee festivals in Nova Gorica and Rijeka

You know how those legendary Moonlee festivals always take place in Ljubljana or Zagreb? The big cities? Well, things will be different this time as Mr. Moonlee has decided to go local and set similar fests up also in smaller cities. So, without further ado, we present to you two local Moonlee festivals: The first one, GO Moonlee! Fest, will take place in club Mostovna in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The date is 16th November. The bands playing are Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident, Xaxaxa, In-Sane and the latest addition to our roster, Cripple and Casino. Also, Pigs Parlament will offer some local support. And yes, you are right – this Moonlee fest is pretty much punkrock orientated. Thanks goes to 13. Brat for making it possible. The day after, on 17th November, a somewhat similar lineup will play in Klub Place in Rijeka, Croatia at the Moonlee ide na more (or: Moonlee goes to the Seaside) fest. Once again, the mic will be passed to Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident and Xaxaxa, as well as Nikki Louder. And although the mic won't be passed to them as they play instrumental post rock and therefore don't need one, Asheraah will be the local support band. Huge respect for this one goes to Distune Promotion. All in all, do come. The lineup is rad, Mr. Moonlee will show you some new dancing moves, the Moonlee distro will be there, the fun is guaranteed, and all in all, it will be a weekend to remember. Hopefully someone survives to talk about it!

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