Xaxaxa are on the road again!

Shortly after one-month tour through central Europe where Xaxaxa was promotion their new album "Siromašni i bogati", they decided it's time to hit the road again. This time macedonian punkrock trio decided to make a short tour through Serbia, Croatia and Slovenija. As part of the tour they will play also on both Moonlee Records festivals we already rumbled about – Go Moonlee! Fest in Nova Gorica and Moonlee ide na more fest in Rijeka, where they will perform together with some other Moonle buddies (Debeli Precjednik, In-Sane, Nikki Louder and Cripple And Casino). At this point we will just repeat it once again. Xaxaxa has a great new record out and they are brilliant live band, so everyone should know what to do if they rock nearby. Check the dates below. 13.11.2012 @ Niš, Feedback (RS) 14.11.2012 @ Vinkovci, Walkow (HR) 15.11.2012 @ Zabok, Zelena Dvorana (HR) 16.11.2012 @ Nova Gorica, Mostovna (SI) – Go Moonlee! Fest 17.11.2012 @ Rijeka, Klub Place (HR) – Moonlee ide na more fest 18.11.2012 @ Pula, Monteparadiso (HR)

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