Meet the team: Petar

This time, we're presenting you a ... another guy, of course. Ladies and gentleman, this is Petar. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? In April 2010, when one of the helpers lied to Mr. Moonlee about my "writing talent". I've been doing release one-sheets ever since, starting with Život Je Raj by Damir Avdić. Less often, I get hired to write something else, and that's about it. Your favourite Moonlee releases. Both Analena albums, Lunar - Turbo, self-titled by Don't Mess With Texas, Cog - Course Over Ground and Storms - We Are Storms. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. For various reasons, gigs got less enjoyable for me a few years ago, and now I'm rarely seen at any unless my band is playing. If I really had to answer, then I'd say Jean-Michel Jarre last year, Igra Staklenih Perli / Šumovi Protiv Valova this March and just about any Peach Pit gig, anytime. Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl and mp3 - records to satisfy my collecting (hoarding) urges, and when I want to spend some quality time with music only; mp3 for being portable and, well, "free". I've got boxes of CDs waiting to change hands, you know how to find me... Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. Mainly playing guitar in Moraines, handling my own record label Dare the Divine, being Mrs. Geenger's page boy at Moonlee's sister label, Geenger Records, and cataloging ex-Yu releases on Discogs. Oh yes, and working on my master's thesis, which somehow always gets mentioned at the end of the list. Give us your few current favorite artists. According to, those are Dubravko Detoni & Acezantez, Neurosis and Ha Det Bra. There's more, but to keep it short I'll just mention my current and also all-time favorites, Juno.

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