Meet the team: Dražen

This installment of "Meet the Team" will introduce you to Dražen, another one of Mr. Moonlee's cronies. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? Well, it was about two years ago – somewhere in Winter 2010/2011 when I moved to Ljubljana and started hanging out with Mirkich. I began by managing our social network profiles (mostly Facebook and Twitter) and providing (hopefully) interesting label-related updates for the people. Besides that, I publish news (I will probably publish this one - which is sad), maintain our websites, fix bugs and test new stuff. Every now and then you can also see me behind the Moonlee distro desk. I also have a plan to make a new website for Moonlee records, together with our designer, Karača. But yeah, it's still just a plan. Your favourite Moonlee releases. Hm...tough one. Let's say Xaxaxa – Siromašni i bogati, Debeli Precjednik – Bruto Slavo/VBK, Bernays Propaganda – Happiness Machine and Don’t Mess With Texas – s/t. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Both Moonlee festivals in Nova Gorica and Rijeka (I'll consider those a single gig), Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Kino Šiška and Good Riddance, Boysetsfire and A Wilhelm Scream at Punk Rock Holiday. Vinyl, CD or mp3? I love vinyl and I'm trying to get some records that I find really special, I don't have any feelings for CDs and I'm mostly consuming mp3s. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. Still studying at the Faculty of Computer and Information science in Ljubljana, working at Astina as a web developer, cycling to destinations and going to shows. Give us your few current favorite artists. This is changing all the time – but I'll give a shot: Propagandhi, Wipers, Bad Religion, Pygmy Lush, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Bill Callahan, End of a Year, Descendents, Catharsis, Refused, Leatherface, Bob Mould, Japandroids and more and more...

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