New member of the Moonlee family - TRUS!

New year is here and it's time to introduce brand new band, which joined Moonlee family lately – and kabooom! TRUS! it is! TRUS! is rather fresh trio of experienced performers and musicians from Slovenija, which combine varius musical influences into their sound – from garage and punk, through minimal and pop, all the way to electro and jazz. Škrip Orkestra, Vanilla Riot, Kombo Zlatko Kavčič, The Puzzled are references that say a lot and at the same time nothing about this unpredictable gang. Their musicality boils of mighty and powerful outbreaks, while at the same time, also showing feminine side of the band. Last year they took part in Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent and from there you can listen to TRUS!'s first songs or see them live in their studio. Their debut album will come out on TRESK festival in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana on March 14th 2013. But beware – it won't be released on classic phonogram, but rather in a little more innovative format: comic booklet + silk print scarf/bag/t-shirt + download link of TRUS! songs. This experiment will be collaboration between Moonlee Records, TRUS!, Založba Radio Študent, and comic collective Komikaze. But that's not all at all. Comic booklet will be collection of various artist comics/graphics, which will be selected via open call. This means you can also participate in it with your ideas, your crazy imagination, your art. You can find more information about it via Komikaze or Radio Študent. Grab your chance to step into TRUS! world.

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