Meet the team: Darko

One more guy behind Moonlee records - Darko. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? I guess I was there since the beginning of Moonlee Records in 2004, as Miran and I were roommates back then. What I do? Everything that helps the label, I guess. :) My main obligation is taking care of all printing matters. Sometimes I design the artwork for new releases, sometimes posters for gigs and festivals, sometimes pre-press already designed covers, search for cheap and quality printing plants and so on… Your favourite Moonlee releases. Analena is my fave Moonlee Records artist. It just depends on my emotional state if I'll pick Carbon Based or Inconstantinopolis. If I can pick another artist from the roster - I choose Xaxaxa and their albums Siromašni i bogati and Tango revolucioner. Great bands and great friends. Being friends with the Moonlee people is the biggest paycheck you can get in this universe. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Converge @ Močvara, Mission of Burma @ Kset and Peach Pit @ Močvara. All in Zagreb. Looking forward to seeing Metz and JSBX soon in Zagreb too! Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl is my first love, since 1982! My parents got me my first record player and my first record (Divlje jagode - Motori) at the age of 5. Vinyl at home, cd in the car and iPod elsewhere. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. I manage a graphic design studio from 9 am to 5 pm, work as a freelance graphic designer from 5 pm to 9 am, play guitar in Cripple and Casino, cook, cycle, go to shows... just an ordinary life of a 35 year old guy who still refuses to grow up. Give us your few current favorite artists. It is always changing but I'll try to list several of my all time favourite records: The Breeders - Pod, Mega City 4 - Tranzophobia, The Jesus Lizard - Goat, Sepultura - Beneath the Remains, Bad Religion - Suffer, Fugazi - In on the Killtaker, Converge - No Heroes, Entombed - Wolverine Blues, Didjits - Hornet Pinata, The Ex - Starters Alternators, Napalm Death - Smear Campaign, Overflow - Dorothy, Minutemen - The Punch Line, Monochrome - Cache... Ask me again in 10 days and the list will be completely different.

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