The second single off Bernays Propaganda's upcoming album is out!

That's right! The new Bernays Propaganda song is called «Bar Kultura» and will appear on their third full-length album, «Zabraneta Planeta», the release of which is scheduled for 26th February. You can listen to and download «Bar Kultura» either on Bandcamp or the Moonlee website. Oh, and in case you've missed the first single off the album, «Pogrešno Zname», give it a listen on, say, Youtube. And last but not least, we'll soon start taking pre-orders for «Zabraneta Planeta». Expect Bernays Propaganda's signature new wave/post-punk sound with a strong danceable basis, firm drum beats accompanied by groovy bass lines, upon which layers of noisy and disharmonic guitar chords are played, although less funky and herky-jerky than before. Stay tuned!

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