Bernays Propaganda's Zabraneta Planeta is out there!

Well, looks like Bernays Propaganda's new and third LP, «Zabraneta Planeta», is now officially out. On the new album, Bernays Propaganda still cling to their charming danceable post-punk formula, but unlike their previous two records, «Zabraneta Planeta» («Forbidden Planet«) is somewhat less «disco» and more post punkish and noisy. It's basically a more mature record, that will grow on you more and more every time you listen to it. The record is available on CD, 12“ vinyl and as a free download. You can get physical copies via the Moonlee Trade Center, whereas downloads should be handled at Bandcamp. And, as usual with Bernays Propaganda, their new album is a collaboration of different labels - this time, it's Moonlee Records, Napravi Zaedno, MKC and Prügelprinz Records that have joined forces. «Zabraneta Planeta» will be promoted by a couple of shows in the region, and afterwards, these road warriors will embark on a 9-week (!) European tour. Beat that! More info about the tour soon.

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