Moonleejada 2013 – Moonlee Records Festival

Hooray, Moonleejada is back! This time, the Moonlee Records festival will take place on Saturday, March 9th, at Gala Hala, Ljubljana. Who’s gonna play, you might ask and we’ll tell you: Macedonian post-punks Bernays Propaganda will present their new album, “Zabraneta Planeta”. After a long break, the mighty screamers known as Analena will hit the stage once again. Another new album (“With High Regards”) will be promoted by Cripple And Casino, noise/post-punks from Zagreb. The title of the noisiest and most chaotic band will probably be taken by Nikki Louder, whereas Trus! will present their charming garage-lo-fi-trash-jazzy-punk mix. DJ Brat in Sestra will take care of the afterparty, which will last until the wee hours of the morning, and Mr. Moonlee will be there as well, dancing, screaming and cheering everyone up! To sum it up, we expect it to be a blast, as always. Word. Moonleejada 2013 @ Moonleejada 2013 @ Facebook

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