TRUS! debut album is out!

Tresk! Trusk! TRUS! Debut album »First Step« from slovenian trio TRUS! was released in an experimental format on March 14th 2013 by Moonlee Records and Založba Radio Študent. “First Step” is conceived as an experiment and isn’t available as a classic phonogram, but as a free download only, which makes their music available to everyone. Since this by itself isn’t that special, TRUS! also attacks on the visual front – with an interesting booklet featuring drawings by twelve different artists. The booklet, which includes a download link and lyrics, is nicely packed by TRUS! merchandise (t-shirt, cotton bag or scarf), and all this presents TRUS!’s debut album. But TRUS! is not only a conceptual band, since along with an interesting form, they also offer exciting musical content. The diversity of their musical backgrounds is obvious in their songs, where they flow between hectic powerful outbursts, calm sensual atmospheres, joyful exuberance and back. In this enigmatic sound wall you can recognise influences from bands such as Deerhoof, Bilk, Milemarker, Stereolab and Trans Am, but it still doesn’t cover all the aspects and richness of their music. Ironically, TRUS! like to keep things concrete and describe themselves with this formula: TRUS! = 45% Alter, 20% Garage, 17% Punk, 10% SynthRock, 8% Electro New Wave. As already said »First Step« by TRUS! is available for free download via Bandcamp,but you can also get yourself it in the form of t-shirt, cotton bag or scarf at Moonlee Trade Center. You know the deal and the drill. TRUS!

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