«Golden Men» - first single off new Nikki Louder album

Sure, Mr. Moonlee keep on rolling and delivering new records! Next week Moonlee will release new album from slovenian chaotic noise-rockers Nikki Louder entitled «Golden Men», which will come out as CD and LP, as well as free download. You know the deal. Already today you can check the first single «Golden Men» at Youtube or Bandcamp, where you can also download it. Get yourself a good dose of eclecticism and noise. What else to say? Let's just give you a hint. «Golden Men» is so similar, and yet so different than the previous albums, and it reminds us why we love Nikki Louder so much and gives a good perspective on how a band progresses smoothly and naturally when its members are packed with inexhaustible energy and creativity. For more you have to wait few more days. Stay tuned!

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