GO Moonlee! Fest in Nova Gorica

Ta-daaaa! It's time for another episode of Moonlee Records festival! This time we are going back to Nova Gorica, where we had a blast last year. Check out the video report to bring back the memories. Anyway, the past is nice, but let's look into the future – GO Moonlee! Fest will take place on Saturday, October 12th 2013, at Mostovna in Nova Gorica. And who will rock your Saturday night away? Repetitor will show once more how garage post-punk can still be fully energetic experience. Macedonian post-punks Bernays Propaganda, who are still on tour, will mix together danceble, tight and noise tunes. The title of the noisiest and most chaotic band will probably be taken by Nikki Louder, whereas TRUS! will present their charming garage-lo-fi-trash-jazzy-punk mix. Local support will be given by stoner/hardcore Iamdisease. There will be also Moonlee Records and Indie-Grad merch tables, and last but not least - Mr. Moonlee messing around with his irresistible charm. Oh yeah, it will be a hell of a party. Welcome. GO Moonlee! Fest 2013 @ Last.fm GO Moonlee! Fest 2013 @ Facebook

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