Mr. Moonlee's next stop – Banana Split with Kleemar and TRUS!

Mr. Moonlee proudly announces his new release - sweet vinyl split album “Banana split” featuring Kleemar and TRUS!. The recipe is simple; take one banana and cut it on the half, one half should be garnished with crushed organic samples and sound bits of an analogue synthesisers, the other half with roasted post-punk and crunchy trash-pop. Serve it on vinyl plate. Kleemar’s reputation of being the enfant terrible of slovenian IDM electronics will finally come at its peak. Waiting it for 10 years, here it is: his debut album! Armed with the mixture of melodic post-rock and electronical dance sound expressions Kleemar (Matej Končan) is ready to occupy clubs as well as your record player. TRUS! suddenly appeared on slovenian music scene as a surprise in 2012 and already in 2013 presented their debut “First step”, an eclectical mixture of different genres, once again defined on the upcoming album as their unique musical expression. Along with their positive energy and striking appearance we are really looking forward to present you their new material. Moonlee Records and God Bless This Mess are warning you: Beware of Banana split - mind the mischievous wordplay and watch your step! There might be some banana peels on the ground this winter!

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