Vlae Salep - first single off new Xaxaxa album

It's perfect time to sit back, drink some 'salep' (google it) and listen to first single from new Xaxaxa album, entitled «Vlae Salep», which you can listen and download at Moonlee Bandcamp. Third Xaxaxa album «Sami maži i ženi» will be out on September 8th 2014 on Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records on 12“ and CD. As usually, it will be followed by another European tour in September/October. But already next week Xaxaxa and Bernays Propaganda will do mini-tour along the Adriatic coast. Here are the dates: 31.07.2014 - Xaxaxa @ Attack, Zagreb - Monte Paradiso pre-party (HR) 01.08.2014 - Xaxaxa @ Monte Paradiso Fest, Pula (HR) 03.08.2014 - Bernays Propaganda @ Hangar Bar, Izola (SI) 05.08.2014 - Bernays Propaganda @ Super Uho fest, Šibenik (HR) 06.08.2014 - Bernays Propaganda @ Kapetanski, Zadar (HR)

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