Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident has released new EP - Povijest bolesti (History of Illness)

Moonlee Records released new EP by croatian punkrockers Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident entitled "Povijest bolesti" (History of Illness) to celebrate 20th-anniversary of band's existance. They keep it simple - 4 new songs, 4 new punkrock hits. EP "Povijest bolesti" is available only as free download at Bandcamp platform, where each music fan can use »name-your-price« option and support the label and the band. However, we decided to make one step more. Even though "Povijest bolesti" EP is currently released as a free download, with your help it can appear also on 7'' vinyl. If we manage to collect enough money abusing »name-your-price« option at Moonlee Records and Debeli Precjednik Bandcamp, Moonlee Records will press 500 copies of "Povijest bolesti" 7'' EP. The idea is simple: --> If we manage to collect 1200 € via Bandcamp, Moonlee Records will release "Povijest bolesti" as a 7" vinyl in 500 copies. --> Those who will donate 5 € or more, will automatically receive 7" when it comes out (shipping costs are included). --> To make it as transparent as possible, we will post how much we gathered on a weekly basis. --> If we won't make it in the end, too bad, but keep in mind that you still supported Debeli Precjednik & Moonlee Records. And we appreciate it! But hey, together we can make it!

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