Repetitor on european tour - from the Balkan to the Baltics

Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor is back on the road, heading far north-east to their final destination Tallinn Music Week in Estonia. On their way back home three concerts will happen in Brno (CZ), Brezno (SK) and Banská Bystrica (SK) as a part of the programme Pohoda in the Clubs. Repetitor is undoubtedly one of the most prominent young bands from the Balkans and perform as highly-energetic live band, so grab the chance to see them on stage if you live nearby! Tour dates: 23.3.2015 @ Szeged, Live Music Club (HU) 24.3.2015 @ Krakow, Klub Re (PL) 25.3.2015 @ Vilnius, XI20 (LT) 26.3.2015 @ Riga, Depo (LV) 27.3.2015 @ Tallinn Music Week, Sinilind / A (EE) 28.3.2015 @ Tallinn Music Week, SFÄÄR Outlet (EE) 30.3.2015 @ PL/LT - searching for a show - help needed 31.3.2015 @ Brezno, Bombura (SK) - Pohoda in Clubs 1.4.2015 @ Banska Bystrica, Zahrada (SK) - Pohoda in Clubs 2.4.2015 @ Brno, Cabinet Muz (CZ) - Pohoda in Clubs 3.4.2015 @ Prague, Klubarna (CZ) 4.4.2015 @ Vöcklabruck, OKH (AT) 5.4.2015 @ Wolfsberg, Container 25 (AT)

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